User-testing Tonnta interactive garment creation interface during Nov 2013, a collaboration alongside fashion designer Jennifer Whitty with technical input from industrial designer Liam Dewhurst. Tonnta is a prototype transformative tool for fashion design production using gestural interaction techniques and advanced digital fabrication technologies, as users freely ‘draw’ and manipulate virtual garments within an immersive spatial environment which could … Continue reading



Part of the program for Tele Visions festival with Tunguska screening at Carriageworks, Sydney, Nov 28-Dec 3 2013. Tunguska is a seven-minute music video commissioned by New Zealand band HDU and devised using analogue video feedback techniques. The work was created utilising both cathode ray tube televisions and re-filmed projections in order to capture the intricate … Continue reading


cacao magazine

Interview feature with cacao magazine Vol 6 2012, for their May released ‘Dublin: Epiphany’ issue, featuring a selection of international artists and designers with connections to the city. The publication is primarily distributed in Taipei and Stockholm with editions focusing on a range of creative culture practice in urban centres such as New York, Berlin, Madrid, … Continue reading


Wellington LUX

Co-convener for Wellington LUX 9-10 July 2011 at CoCA in partnership with AHO, an intensive symposium with associated exhibition to explore the intersections of light, space and interaction. Delighted to host a fantastic selection of speakers including Joanie Lemercier (AntiVJ), Adam Pruden (MIT SENSEable City Lab), HC Gilje, LAb[au] with many more excellent artists and … Continue reading